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When I started freelance writing, I messed up in a BIG way.

That massive mistake?

Not connecting with other writers.

Not getting involved in a community.

Thinking I’d be fine going at it alone.

(Ummmm… no.)

That mindset didn’t get me very far.

Especially as an extrovert, I NEED social interaction to thrive.

Not the gossip-y, toxic, “high school clique” kind of social interaction you find at most full-time jobs though.

I wanted a REAL sense of community. Genuine and helpful people. A place I could go to get help, ask questions, and connect with like-minded writers.

After gradually getting involved in multiple communities over the past couple years, one thing has become clear:

A positive, helpful community can absolutely be key to reaching your business goals.

…Which is why I put this snazzy post together for you today.

I want you to benefit from that same sense of community – just like I have as I’ve grown my blog and freelance writing business.

So let’s talk about 7 of my favorite Facebook groups for writers and bloggers.

I bet you’re gonna love ‘em too!

The Copywriter Club

facebook groups for writers

This has quickly become one of my FAVORITE Facebook groups. Seriously – it’s full of smart, witty folks who are happy to jump in and help whenever someone posts a question.

The group admins (Rob Marsh and Kira Hug) also run an amazing podcast where they interview top copywriters/business folks like Joanna Wiebe and James Wedmore.

Bottom line:

If you’re a copywriter (or interested in copywriting), you need to join this group.


Online Business BFFs

 facebook groups for writers 2

With over 59,000 members, this is one of the most active, helpful groups I’ve ever been a part of. Whether you want to network, learn something new, or get feedback on your blog, you’re going to love this thriving, positive community.

Be sure to check out the Mastermind Monday thread if you have a specific question related to online business – you’re sure to get some solid advice from the awesome folks in the group!


The Write Life Community

facebook groups for writers 3

Looking to get some feedback on your writing routine? Want advice on getting your book published? Ready to learn more about the craft of writing?

If so, this group is perfect for you.

While it has plenty of advice for freelance writers and copywriters, you’ll find a heavy focus on fiction writing and general writing tips too.

You know – so you can stop staring at that blank Word doc and FINALLY finish your novel. 🙂


Freelance to Freedom Project Community

 facebook groups for writers 4

This group is ideal for all kinds of freelancers. So, join if you’re a freelance writer – and then, be sure to invite all your graphic designer/web developer friends!

One of my favorite things about this group is how active Leah Kalamakis, the group creator, is. She regularly shares personal stories and insights – stuff that’ll really help you get motivated and advance your freelance career. Don’t miss out!


Creative Freelancers Unite

facebook groups for writers 5

Created by Lizzie Davey of Wanderful World, Creative Freelancers Unite is full of supportive freelancers who are happy to jump in and offer helpful advice.

In the group, you’ll find daily prompts, including “Share Your Stuff Monday” and “Let’s Get Social Wednesday.”

So, not only can you ask for feedback and connect with other freelance writers – you can share your latest blog posts and social accounts to help expand your online presence!


Freelance B2B Writers

facebook groups for writers 6

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted advice specifically for B2B freelance writers, you need to join this group. Creator Andrea Emerson is super helpful and quick to answer questions, so it’s a great place to get feedback on something specific to B2B freelance writing!

She also shares awesome content – like motivational quotes and articles about freelance writing – regularly. If you been looking for a niche-specific group where you can stay informed and get motivated, definitely join!


Writing Revolters

facebook groups for writers 7

#ShamelessSelfPromotion much? 😉

Really though, I’m SO excited to have launched this group for bloggers and freelance writers. In the group, you can expect:

  • Daily prompts to help you set goals, connect with other bloggers/writers, and more. (Make Shit Happen Monday, Q&A Tuesday… You’ll have to join to see the rest!)
  • A positive, no-bullshit environment. (In other words, we’re going to keep it REAL, but we’re going to be nice about it too.)
  • Help progressing with your freelance writing and/or blogging goals. (Side note: I’ll be covering blogging tips here at Writing Revolt a LOT more often moving forward – because I know a lot of you who are freelance writers are also looking to grow/monetize a blog!)

Click here, and request to join the new Writing Revolters Facebook Group.

(You need to be a subscriber to be added to the group – so, sign up here first, and I’ll send you screenshots of actual pitches that landed me guest posts on major sites!)

A couple action steps for you once you’re in:

  1. Read over the rules in the description.
  2. Introduce yourself in a new post.

Looking forward to hanging out with ya in the group!

Got any other awesome Facebook groups for writers/bloggers you’d like to mention? Throw ‘em down in the comments section!

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